Super Mario Galaxy was quite a looker back in the day, especially for the Wii. I remember thinking the game looked seriously impressive for the Wii’s aging hardware, and I think the game still holds up today. I figured Super Mario Galaxy was pushing the Wii to its limits, but clearly I was wrong!

A very dedicated Super Mario Galaxy fan/homebrew dev has been working hard to port Super Mario Galaxy to the DS of all things, and he’s released a new look at his work. You can see the DS port in action via the tweet above, and the results are near unbelievable.

Sure, the game looks considerably downgraded from its Wii version, but there’s no denying it’s Super Mario Galaxy, and with all things considered, this DS version is seriously impressive.

We all know Nintendo is going to swoop in and kill this thing at some point, but for the time being, we can all gush over this technical marvel.

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2y ago

That's pretty bonkers. Goes to show that technical limitations are not much of an obstacle to someone who knows what they're doing. Now I'm imagining what things would've been like if Galaxy released on both Wii and DS back in the day...


2y ago

this reminds me of a fan made case of super mario galaxy ds i saw when i was 7(i think) and i thought it was real until i looked it up, but now it is real


2y ago

Did you guys know that there is actually a much more interesting thing in developement rn? The game you are talking about in your article has actually been cancelled, but this is still in developement:
Please check it out and maybe also write an article about that, this project deserves attention too!

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2y ago

That's super impressive, especially for a DS game.