RoRo has announced Rail Romanesque Origin for Switch, and it’s set to launch December 21st. 2023 in Japan for 3,800 yen at retail and 2,800 yen on the eShop. There will also be an 11,800 yen limited edition that packs in a Blu-ray disc of the TV anime Rail Romanesque 2 and three-disc vocal CD album.

Rail Romanesque Origin includes a 12-scenario, 443-episode story, and each episode can be completed in about 10 minutes.

A story synopsis for Rail Romanesque is as follows:

The Great Abandoned Railroad—a railroad line that is dying with the development of new transportation technology. In the corner of this world, a young man named Soutetsu Migita encounters beautiful young women with unique desires and forgotten railroad control modules known as “Raillords,” and begins to ride the rails of restoration.

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11M ago

It's called Origin but the trailer seems more like a sequel to Maitetsu: Pure Station. Then again, maybe Rail Romanesque is the sequel to begin with and Origin connects the two?

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mock turtle

11M ago


Evidently it's based on the anime based on Maitetsu.