RUMOR: A K.K. Slider vinyl album release might be on the way

K.K. Slider and vinyl are a match made in heaven

25 April 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 2

Nintendo doesn’t often put out official music releases, but it’s not entirely out of the question. Nintendo does release albums here and there, and we’re hearing rumblings that they’ll have something soon for the Animal Crossing crowd.

The VGMDB website keeps track of anything and anything game music-related that’s on the way, and that site has shared a listing for an official Animal Crossing: New Horizons vinyl selection. In particular, it looks like this album will be a compilation of various K.K. Slider tunes from the game.

Adding more credence to this information is the source it comes from. Those who follow VGMDB closely have noticed that the album information was shared by someone who’s got quite a dependable track record. They often share early heads up on Square Enix album releases, and according to those familiar with the situation, this poster has never been wrong.

The only other piece of information we have is that the album will come from Nippon Columbia in Japan. This company has actually handled two Animal Crossing: New Horizon album releases already, but those came in CD format instead of vinyl. In particular, one of those releases was a K.K. Slider Music Collection Instrumental that was a 3-CD set. It’s very likely this new listing could be for a vinyl version of that same album.

Thanks to Microtic for the heads up!

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2M ago

Man I really hope this happens!!! Would def snag a copy.


2M ago

Even having the CD box set that I haven’t listened to yet…I would buy this so fast. Yes, I have a problem