The Pokémon Trading Card above, while certainly gorgeous, might not seem like anything special. Turns out the person behind it has done something that hasn’t happened in a considerable amount of time.

The Oddish card seen above is a Pokémon TCG promo card based on the Oddish used by Ava in the Pokémon: Path to the Peak animated web series. The artwork for this card was created by Miranda Branley, a graphic illustrator at The Pokémon Company International. Believe it or not, the release of this card marks the first time in 20 years that a Pokémon card has featured artwork by an American artist outside of Illustration Contest cards.

Equally as impressive, Bradley is the second-ever American artist to draw the illustration for a Pokémon card, with the other being Magic: The Gathering illustrator Christopher Rush. Furthermore, Bradley is the fourth-ever non-Japanese artist to have their art make it onto a Pokémon card. Talk above a major artistic achievement!

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10M ago

Damn, that's awesome. I want all those non-Japanese illustrated cards.