We recently learned that Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass ‘Side Order’ is seeing release sometime in Spring 2024. What’s a Splatoon fan to do until then? Well, why not read a fresh round of details on this Wave 2 DLC that just came out today?

Side Order takes place in the City of Order, which looks quite like Inkopolis Square. It’s entirely covered in some peculiar white coral, and it appears completely deserted. According to the researchers, the rules of the real world do not seem to apply there.

The protagonist of the Side Order DLC is an Octoling known as Agent 8 (“Eight” to their friends). It appears they’ve been in contact with Off the Hook for a little while. In an unexpected turn of events, they suddenly find themselves transported to the City of Order.

Located at the heart of the City of Order is the Spire of Order, a mysterious place where the rules of the real world do not seem to apply. The layout of each floor changes every time you enter. And while the elevator does work, it only goes up on floor at a time.

In Side Order, you can improve Agent 8’s abilities using “Color Chips” that you set on a “Palette”. Each color chip has its own characteristics, and can boost your attack power, movement speed, attack range, and even speed. When you go to challenge one of the many floors of the Spire of Order, you have to choose the color chips you’re going to use and set them on the palette.


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Love that Pearl took Batman's branding idea to heart :D