2D platformer fans are going to be eating good later this month. As you no doubt know, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is coming out on October 20th, while Sonic Superstars precedes it by a few days on October 17th. Nintendo is also very well aware of this situation, and they’ve actually shared comment on it in a new interview.

Speaking to Game Informer, Super Mario Bros. Wonder producer Takashi Tezuka talked about both Mario and Sonic’s latest 2D adventures arriving on the same day. It seems Tezuka is amused by the situation, and he’s eager for fans to play both titles. (h/t VGC)

“I think it’s an interesting coincidence,” he said. “We’ve been creating 2D action games for a long time and we, of course, want as many players as possible to enjoy those games. We’re looking forward to as many people as possible having the opportunity to play these 2D side-scrolling action games, Mario and otherwise.”

[Super Mario Bros. Wonder producer Takashi Tezuka]

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cheesus 2

10M ago

Definitely gonna buy Mario Wonder first, considering that Sega cant even port thier own classic games into a collection for modern hardware. Only wondering how bad this Sonic game is gonna run.