Nintendo has announced the return of Splatoween for Splatoon 3, starting on October 27th, 2023 at 5 PM PT. A Halloween Splatfest theme of “Which would be the best friend?” will envelop this year’s Splatoween, which companion will be the best for you, a zombie, a skeleton, or a ghost? Voting opens on October 20th at 1 AM PT.


Some Splatoween items will also be available soon via the Splatoon 3 channel in News on your Switch.

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9M ago

Oooh nice, I hope they also decorate Inkopolis Square and that Callie and Marie join in the festivities. I also hope they do the winter one.


9M ago

A pirate hat with an eyepatch!? Something to compete with my beloved witch hat.