The first Mario + Rabbids game was an incredibly surprise, shocking fans when it was officially revealed. Sure, there were considerable leaks about the project before its announcement, but many refused to believe the early word was true due to just how unique the collab was. Those doubters were proven wrong once E3 2017 rolled around.

Just a few short years after that, Ubisoft followed up with Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, a sequel that changed things up from the first outing considerably. While that title hasn’t found the same audience as the first, Ubisoft has already not-so-subtly hinted at plans to bring the title to Switch’s successor as well.

With two titles out in the span of just a few years, you have to wonder if the Mario + Rabbids brand will take a bit of a break, or if it’s just getting started. In an interview with Nintendo Everything, Mario + Rabbids creative director Davide Soliani said the desire for more is there, but it’s simply too early to tell.

I love Nintendo, I love my team, and I love what we did so if there would be a chance to continue somehow, someday, why not? But right now it’s too early to say anything because we just finished a four-year cycle of development with the with the main game and the DLC. And now it’s time to think about the future. But it’s too early to say something.

[Davide Soliani]

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9M ago

it needs to go back to the original format, add in actual multiplayer as well .. sparks changed too much and took away what made the 1st one good...


9M ago


I don't agree. While I enjoyed the first, it felt horribly generic and shallow, especially with stage design and the whole cast being way too samey with nearly every weapon, possibly every one I don't recall exactly, being doubled up somehow. I will concede to multiplayer as I know a lot of people likes it even if I didn't, but otherwise the second was an improvement in every way.

That being said, it super bombed and Ubisoft is barely holding together, so I'd be shocked if we got a third ever.