Nintendo hasn’t shared any specific sales figures for Super Mario Bros. Wonder just yet, but it appears they’d rather let the game’s record-setting debut to the talking.

Nintendo Europe took to X to reveal that within its first 3 days of sale, Super Mario Bros. Wonder has become the fastest-selling Mario title ever in Europe. Hopefully we get a number to go along with that figure sometime in the near future, but there’s no doubt that Mario’s latest adventure is off to a wonderful start.

It’s even more impressive that Super Mario Bros. Wonder is pulling off this record-setting pace 6+ years after the Switch’s launch. Nintendo’s incredible success with the Switch and steady cadence of releases has kept audiences extremely engaged in the platform, and those players are clearly hungry for Mario’s 2D return!

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9M ago

Wonder on Switch, Spider-Man 2 on PS5 and Starfield is...Well it's played by many GP subscribers but apparently did very well in sales too.

So looks like some healthy competition is on here.

Not really. Japan still pretty much has nintendomination.

Spiderman 2 and starfield have issues that should be addressed.

So far SMBW is the only one that is selling without any flaws.

The way Sony and MS are going multiplat isn't good news for competition as developers are moving away from them both and releasing either on PC or switch.

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9M ago


Nintendo dominates Japan, but the West, as in USA and Europe which is the bigger market anyway is a nastier battlefield among the three.

Starfield has issues I know of but since it's a Bethesda game we all knew that was coming. Some people who had high expectations got bummed out but others like it.
Spiderman 2 has issues? Not what I have heard of. Seems like people are enjoying it like crazy. The only thing lacking is the hard mode they will add this year.

MS are done with consoles and just use the Xbox as doorways to get people into GP. Sony are playing the PC game very carefully since they can't risk loosing their bread and butter which is the console market.

But non of this had anything with my point to do. All three have now a game that is setting records and I find that good.

I don't care about Spiderman nor Starfield and still on the fence on Wonder BTW. But pretty sure I'll get Wonder sooner or later unlike the two others.

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Except that this isn't a healthy competition at all.

The new ps5 will be more expensive compared to the current version. Sure people will still buy it but it's not competition that's healthy for them. Xbox consoles are sold at a loss.

Spider man 2 physical copies are reported to not work so people are facing issues running the game regarding physical.

Even if US and UK are the major markets the Switch is still selling numbers. Sony and MS still don't have a lot of exclusives for their consoles.


9M ago


Now imagine if there was even less competition! Let's say just Nintendo and Xbox, the Xbox would be Hell of a lot more expensive.
Remember how they waited it out for the reveals of prices and release dates (PS5 and XsX that is)? I sure do. So it's competition that got those lower prices to begin with.
The reason Sony can sell the Not-so-slim PS5 for a bit more is because they can. They have that "loyal fanbase" thing going on. And Xbox doesn't care if they sell consoles with a loss since their focus is now completely on GP anyway. That's their money-maker.

HAven't heard of any issues with Spidey 2 having issues.

Switch is still selling great. We agree on that. But they sure aren't dominating Europe and NA like they dominate Japan. Here they have competition from the others. And MS just bought shitloads of big title exclusives so in the following years GP will be huge with those.
Sony? They might have to get some more studios themselves now it seems. Heck! Maybe even Nintendo should acquire a couple. This gonna get ugly!
And then we have Switch 2 and how much that's going to cost. Some whispers say it could be as much as 450 USD... But we'll have to wait and see. They have to be careful with the pricing on this one. Might not be a huge success as the Switch, but sure hope it at least gets close.