Pokémon fan designs and bakes "realistic" Gengar pie

It looks rather Gastly...

28 October 2023
by quence 2

Halloween draws ever nearer, and video game fans are coming up with new ways to spread fear with their creations. The latest is a pie that looks like a frighteningly realistic version of the Ghost Pokémon Gengar. This special pie was cooked up by Prof. Rosemary and shared over on Reddit.

This version of Gengar is a bit creepier than in the official games… It retains Gengar’s signature grin, but with the crooked, yellow teeth and demonic eyes, this Pokémon doesn’t seem quite as cuddly. The pie itself is cherry juniper flavored, and probably delicious in spite of its unsettling appearance.

Click here to view more photos of the Gengar pie. You can also follow Prof. Rosemary on YouTube or Instagram to see more of their baking creations inspired by Pokémon.

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9M ago

Hello! Prof. Rosemary and OP here, I just want to say thank you so much for the share, it really means the world to me!

Of course! Thanks for baking up such cool and creative things!!