Yawning Clodsire & Paldean Wooper plush up for pre-order now

A lot of Woopers actually...

02 November 2023
by quence 1

Toy manufacturer Takara Tomy has unveiled a brand new Pokémon plush of Clodsire from the Scarlet & Violet games. But wait, there’s more! This adorable yawning Clodsire also comes with two little Paldean Woopers to keep it company.

The Clodsire measures about 3 feet long. Together with the two Woopers, it costs ¥19,800 (about $132 USD).

If two Woopers isn’t enough for you, there are also two more expensive bundles you can opt for. For ¥27,500 ($183 USD), you’ll get 10 Woopers along with the Clodsire (5 sitting, 5 sleeping). Or for ¥42,900 ($285 USD) you’ll get a total of 30 Woopers (15 sitting, 15 sleeping).

Whatever amount of Woopers you desire, all three Yawning Clodsire bundles are available for pre-order right now from Takara Tomy’s site. Pre-orders run until November 24, 2023, and the items should start shipping in April 2024.

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8M ago

Will this deal be available at a later date or is it only available for those who pre-ordered it?