A hotfix has been released for Disney Speedstorm and you can see the full patch notes below.


In Ranked Multiplayer, the party system was being exploited by a small portion of the player base. To address this issue and to help improve matchmaking in general we have now introduced Racer Upgrade limits to Multiplayer parties. This means a party cannot be comprised of Racers with an Upgrade Level difference of more than 10 levels. For example, if a Racer is Upgrade Level 1, the maximum Upgrade Level you can queue in a party with is Upgrade Level 11 or a level 40 Racer cannot queue with a level 29 Racer and so on. We will monitor how this new system works and adjust it based on community feedback, if needed.


Racers with a very high Upgrade Level but very low MPR League will no longer be matched with Racers with both a low Upgrade Level and MPR League. This change should improve the initial Ranked Multiplayer experience for new players, while ensuring more challenging races for experienced players.


Players were able to exploit both Common and Unique Skills that grant a speed boost by repeatedly hopping after activating the skill to maintain top speed for a longer duration than intended. It is no longer possible to maintain top speed by hopping repeatedly when using one of these skills.


  • The hit detection when Dashing a rival Racer in Multiplayer has been improved.
  • Fixed an issue causing Racers to be sent backwards after Dashing a Rival Racer.


  • Fixed crash occurrence after completing Limited Time Events on Nintendo Switch™.
  • Fixed crash occurrence when equipping customization items on PlayStation®.
  • Various crash occurrences fixed across all platforms.


  • Racers should no longer collide with invisible “walls” during races.
  • Jumba and Baloo will no longer appear as CPU Racers in Leaderboard Limited Time Events.
  • “Accept All” and “Delete All” buttons added to Friend Invites tab of the Social Menu.
  • Achievements/Trophies should now correctly unlock across all platforms.
  • Haptic feedback has been added for Nintendo Switch™.
  • Racer Icons will no longer appear to teleport quickly around the mini map.
  • Charged & Backwards Skills Tutorials added to Starter Circuit.
  • Improvements have been made to the Collection Level Menu navigation & UI.
  • Improvements have been made to several Menu animation and UI elements.
  • Various audio improvements and fixes.

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