Over the weekend, we heard about Fortnite seeing its largest concurrent player record with over 6 million people jumping in to check out the latest season update. Turns out Fortnite had an even bigger record to squash, and that happened on Saturday.

Epic has revealed that Fortnite recently achieved its biggest day in its entire history. On Saturday, 44.7 million unique players hopped into the game to give the OG Season a go, which saw the game bring back its very first map. Those players managed to rack up an astounding 102 million hours of playtime in just that day alone.

Fortnite launched its battle royale mode back in 2017, and the game has been attracting millions upon millions of players since. To see the game achieve a new record 6+ years after its launch is a testament to not only Epic’s dedication to the game, but the staying power of the battle royale genre. Now let’s see how long those 44 million players keep gunning for their victory royale!

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the schaef

9M ago

So many people were online, they almost didn't need bots.