Developer Factor 5 closed up shop all the way back in 2009, but older gamers will no doubt remember the company for their fantastic library of Star Wars titles. The studio was behind the hugely successful Rogue Squadron series, which saw one installment on the N64 and two on the GameCube.

Back in the day, Factor 5 was also working on a new entry in their Star Wars franchise for the Wii; Star Wars Rogue Leaders: Rogue Squadron. That game game was a compilation package that would have included the three previous games, but with a new graphics engine, modified games, motion controls, multiplayer, and so much more. That project actually completed development, but went unreleased due to legal issues.

All these years later, Factor 5 co-founder Julian Eggebrecht is still hoping that project could see release, and he thinks the Switch would be a great fit. Eggebrecht was spurred on to make these comments when he learned that Aspry said they’d re-release Rogue Squadron games on Switch if enough fans spoke up.

Eggebrecht wasn’t content in stopping there, though. He went a step further by saying the project should, “include a remastered Rogue Squadron N64/PC with the high detail ship models from the Wii, and updated textures & shaders.” There’s no doubt fans would love to see all of this happen, which means we’ll have to pester Aspyr even more than we already were!

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2y ago

That would be great to see. Maybe add in some online multiplayer as well.


2y ago

Those were some amazing games! Back then, this was THE way to enjoy the Star Wars franchise.


2y ago

I would kill for the Rogue Leader co-op to be functional with local play between two Switch consoles.

Rogue Leader looks really good all these years later. The closest experience to that graphical detail and immersion all these years later are the EA Battlefront games.

But yeah. Please make it happen!


2y ago

This would be amazing.


2y ago

Man, Rogue Leader on the Gamecube was so good. My first GC game, so I’m very nostalgic for it and would pick it up in any form on the Switch.


2y ago

Would love to see it. With achievements (of an Xbox version is made).