UPDATE: LEVEL-5 has now confirmed this delay, stating that the title has been pushed into 2024. A firm release date for the title will be shared during LEVEL-5 Vision 2023 II, which is set to air November 29th, 2023. You can find our original post on this topic below.

FANTASY LIFE i: The Girl Who Steals Time was announced for a 2023 release earlier this year, though no updates have been given on specific timing. That is, until now, when Japanese blogger Ryokutya2089 apparently noticed that an advertisement for the game in Japan was sporting a new 2024 release date. It seems likely that some kind of larger-scale announcement is imminent, and it looks like there’s little hope left for this game getting a sudden 2023 release.

This sequel to 3DS hit Fantasy Life is a simulation game which combines elements of farming, monster hunting, adventuring, and more. You’ll begin your new life on a mysterious island, where you can attempt to uncover its many secrets. Meet villagers, learn the skills of various jobs, and discover lots of unexpected surprises along the way.

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8M ago

Well that's a bummer. I mean it is better than releasing a game that is not ready, but wish they would have announced it earlier and with more clarity. Well, saves me some money this year.