Two classic beat-em-ups make their modern console debuts! Arc System Works America, Inc. today announced the digital releases of Double Dragon Advance and Super Double Dragon in North America for Nintendo Switch at $6.99 (each sold separately).

Hailed for decades as two of the most iconic titles among the action game genre, today’s digital releases also see the current-gen returns of main protagonists Billy Lee and his brother Jimmy as they become martial arts masters and fight it out against the Black Shadow Warriors.


The masterpiece Double Dragon Advance (originally published on Game Boy Advance) makes its long-awaited arrival to current-gen platforms after 20 years. As a remake/expansion of 1987 arcade game Double Dragon, today’s current-gen release incorporates elements from its sequels and home versions to bring back all the action, graphics, and other elements that players have loved – plus five new wallpapers to adorn your screen with dragon debonair befitting a martial arts master.

Retro powerhouse Super Double Dragon (originally released for Super Nintendo as the series’ fourth installment) makes a 30-year return with its first-ever arrival on modern platforms. The current-gen port features the familiar wild adventures of Billy Lee and Jimmy – plus an all-new play speed function for high-throttle combat up to twice the speed as well as five new wallpapers to spruce up the sides of your screen.

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9M ago

The article calls these games ports but it looks more like emulation?