The first winter day has come, marking the launch of the anticipated Holiday Ops 2024 event in the World of Tanks Franchise. This traditional and festive extravaganza promises intense action, fantastic gifts, and prized in-game rewards for players across PC, mobile and console. Delivering this season’s excitement is the renowned British footballer and movie star, Vinnie Jones. He is retiring from the role as Santa’s enforcer for a slick new gig as a Commander in World of Tanks.

The Holiday Ops 2024 event begins on December 1st and runs through January 8th, offering a unique blend of holiday-themed activities tailored to each platform’s gameplay.

World of Tanks Blitz: December 1st - December 20th, 2023

World of Tanks Blitz presents a list of Holiday Ops activities, including a 10-stage celebrity quest with unique collectibles, avatars, profile background, all in the style of Vinnie Jones. The 10th stage will bring the final reward and the biggest gift under the tree - the “Final Argument” attachment. What’s even better, players will participate in the holiday draw for a chance to become the proud owner of the Cobra tank with a legendary camouflage.

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