As we detailed yesterday, Nintendo and Universal revealed that Super Nintendo World’s Donkey Kong expansion is set to open in Japan come Spring 2024. We got a promo video that showcased what the park’s design will look like, along with a sneak peek at the DK Mine Cart ride. Today that info is followed up by a few more details.

First up, Universal has revealed two new versions of their Super Nintendo World Power-Up Bands, and both are Donkey Kong themed. Diddy and Donkey will have Power-Up Bands available for fans, and they’ll work just as all the other Bands do, allowing guests to interact with the parks in unique ways.

Along with that, we’ve also gotten two pieces of concept art. One of them showcases the Donkey Kong area from above, revealing the complete layout of the park. This image better showcases how Super Nintendo World’s Mario area connects to Donkey Kong’s section of the park, and also gives us an idea of how big things are.

The second piece of concept art is a design showcasing what the park should look like once it’s complete. Just as we saw yesterday, the massive Donkey Kong temple will act as the major point of interest for this area, as it houses part of the Donkey Kong Mine Cart attraction.

Thanks to d_says_hi for the heads up!

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8M ago


If you wait until March they'll have Catbuses ferrying people at the Ghibli park. The rest of the Ghibli park should open then too :)


8M ago

Damn, I didn't know the Mario section was so small and the DK section was gonna be so big.