The final amiibo set to release for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate finally has a release date! Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series was the last fighter to be added to the game, and will also be the last fighter to get an amiibo. His amiibo is set to release 2/16/2024, so mark your calenders!

Check out the tweet below for some up close-ups of the amiibo itself!

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8M ago

Earlier than expected. I wonder what they'll do next with them, since they haven't announced anything after the Sora one yet.

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8M ago

It was Iwata who suggested the fighter ballot, which is what got Sora into the game. In that sense, the Sora Amiibo is the last part of the last part of his legacy.

…barring any new inside stories about his influence, of course. Maybe Switch 2 will have a feature he really wanted in the first Switch. But for now, this is like finishing the appendix after the epilogue.