Back in November, IGN’s Brian Altano and Cheez-It’s very own Cheez played through Super Mario Wonder. Where exactly were they? Good question. We’re not sure. If you have any idea, please let IGN know!

In today’s video, IGN’s Max Scoville and Cheez play through the pizza-making sidequest in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Did you know Hyrule-style pizza is actually pretty similar to Chicago-style, so its a pretty polarizing topic for food lovers.

IGN talent seems to be participating in some sort of ritual. Playing through some of the years biggest games. How is Cheez involved? I’m still working on theories, but it also appears that there are additional videos with more appearances from Brian Altano, Jeffrey Vega, and Max Scoville on social platforms. Maybe those are the key to freeing them from the Backrooms?

Perhaps this has been their destiny from the beginning. Max represents the hero of Hyrule: Link, while Cheez is the reincarnation of the legendary Princess Zelda. And if you take very specific bites out of Cheez-It crackers you can stack them to look like the Triforce. Dear god… Ganondorf must be behind this, they’re not safe! Not until they cook up a recipe to make it out of there. MAX!! STAY PUT. I’M WORKING ON A WAY TO SAVE YOU!

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