Back in October of last year, QUByte Interactive announced that they were bringing Top Racer Collection to the Switch. The original plan was to launch the game on January 11th, 2024, but just today the publisher has announced the title is now pushed to March 7th, 2024. QUByte says this decision was made in order to offer the best game possible for players who are passionate about the Top Racer franchise and for those who are eager to experience the games for the first time. Furthermore, the delay will allow the devs more time to enhance the experience for everyone and refine all the classic and exclusive modes that will be present in the collection.

Top Racer Collection brings back the 90s classic in one incredible package, bringing together three iconic games from the renowned racing franchise. With online features, get up to speed and experience the nostalgic mix of action and addictive gameplay!

The Top Racer Collection features classic titles such as Top Racer, Top Racer 2 and Top Racer 3000. In addition, the collection will feature the brand new Top Racer Crossroads and more exclusive content.

Originally released for older systems, Top Racer won over gamers with its engaging gameplay, vibrant graphics and iconic soundtracks.


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7M ago

This series is known as "Top Gear" here in NA. That should've been mentioned.