In the northern hemisphere, we’re deep into the snowy season, when your only chance at staying vertical on the street is to wear spiky shoes. Inspired by our frosty adventures, this month Mojang is bringing you Snow vs Snouts, a Lost Legend in which you get to wield a beefed-up redstone launcher in a winter wonderland!

Snow vs Snouts brings a brand-new combat style to the game, in which you focus on destroying piglin bases from afar, using an enhanced version of the powerful redstone launcher. Compared to its base game counterpart, the launcher you wield in this Lost Legend has a faster cooldown and (de)construction rate for more mobility and greater attack power. Plus, it has a knockback effect that makes blasting piglins with it really, really satisfying.

Think this’ll be easy breezy? Here’s the catch: in this Lost Legend you can’t control mobs or build other structures – the single redstone launcher is all you have at your disposal to take down the piglins. So make sure you have your ranged attack skills down pat before you attempt this challenge! Succeed and you will receive the Snow Guardian hero skin for cleansing the frozen landscape of the piglins and their contraptions.

While Snow vs. Snouts is the last Lost Legend we’re releasing, make sure you check out previous challenges. There’s a total of nine Lost Legends you can play right now, whether you’re looking for an intense battle or you just want to play as a llama. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t?


Last but not least, there’s one more free item up for grabs. The Bright-Eyed Hero skin, which you can claim now on Minecraft Legends Marketplace, will illuminate your path forward and help you to continue fighting the good fight!

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