At the tail-end of last year, we were sharing all kinds of incredibly impressive stats for Fortnite. These new milestones were ushered in by Epic bringing out the “OG” Season of Fortnite, which saw the return of classic map locations, weapons, mechanics and more. That retro run saw lapsed fans return in droves, and it’s clear many have been sticking around since.

According to the latest set of data, console players racked up an insane 1.6 billion hours in Fortnite in just December 2023 alone. Believe it or not, that makes up more time than Call of Duty HQ (Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone), EA Sports FC 24, Grand Theft Auto V/Online and Roblox combined! (h/t VGC)

Not surprisingly, Fortnite was also up in hours played month-over-month, with November stats being 146% higher than October, and December was up another 9% over November. This wave of attention has now doubt continued thanks to the release of complementary Fortnite modes, including Lego Fortnite, Fortnite: Rocket Racing and Fortnite Festival.


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I'd say I contributed about 10% of that or so.