You might remember a show from Comedy Central called @midnight, which brought together 3 comedians to make jokes about all sorts of stuff found on the internet. From memes to hashtags, trends to viral videos, it was all up for lampooning. That show enjoyed a rather lengthy late-night run, amassing 600 episodes between 2013 and 2017.

While the original version of the show has been off the air for quite some time, it just made a completely revamped return to late night, and this time on one of the main networks.

CBS just debuted After Midnight, which is basically the exact same show but with new categories and a new host. Turns out Nintendo fans had reason to watch the show’s return, as the premiere included quite a bit of Nintendo talk.

One segment on After Midnight tasked the comedians with picking between two characters. They were siding with a character based on whether they’d like to smash or not smash. …and no, they’re not talking about Smash Bros.. The whole segment is a bit adult-oriented, but if you’re of age, you might get a laugh or two out of the discussion. You can check out the full segment starting at the 27:36 mark in the video above.

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6M ago

I couldn’t make it five minutes with this show before I moved on, lol!