Kirby has seen plenty of fantastic releases on Switch, both in terms of remakes and brand-new outings. The crowning jewel has to be Kirby and the Forgotten Land, which is not only the best-selling Kirby game, but the creampuff’s debut to full-3D gaming. The Switch era has been a stellar time for Kirby fans, but now it seems like it’s time to look ahead.

While we don’t have any specifics on what’s in the works, there’s no doubt HAL is already working on their next Kirby title. It also seems like they’re going to need quite a bit of help in creating it, as the studio is currently looking to hire multiple staffers to get the job done.

In particular, HAL is looking for hires in the roles of action programmer, UI programmer, graphics programmer, system programmer, sound programmer, 3D character artist, 3D animator, effects artist, UI artist, level designer, planning assistant, sound designer, and project manager. That’s an incredible amount of staff, and HAL wants all of them to be enthusiastic about creating the next great Kirby game.

Let’s hope Kirby’s next outing, surely destined for the Switch successor, is even bigger than Kirby and the Forgotten Land!

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cheesus 2

6M ago

Good, I was getting worried, It's been 3 weeks since we've had a Kirby game


6M ago

I still hope for a remake of the Zero trilogy.