Scarlet Moon is pleased to present EXCALIBUR: A Tribute to Secret of Mana. Celebrating the six-year anniversary of the release of Secret of Mana HD, the album features 47 arrangements in a variety of styles as eclectic as the original game score composed by Hiroki Kikuta. All of the key moments from this beloved 1990s Japanese RPG can be experienced again through this album’s clever reimaginings, with highlights including a breathtaking cinematic version of the opening theme, “Fear of the Heavens,” a bossa nova spin on the overworld theme, “Into the Thick of It,” a killer Sega Genesis FM-style “Phantom and a Rose,” a rambunctious Celtic pub take on “It Happened Late One Evening,” complete with sound effects, and a searing metal arrangement of “Secret of the Arid Sands,” among many others. The team behind EXCALIBUR has been diligently working on paying tribute to their favorite moments from the game for over five years, and their payoff comes today as listeners around the world can celebrate this music alongside them. EXCALIBUR: A Tribute to Secret of Mana is available on all music storefronts and streaming platforms today.

“Secret of Mana was actually my introduction to the JRPG classics during my final university year in 2014,” comments EXCALIBUR producer and arranger Peter Reid Jones. “Smooth McGroove’s take on the harmonious ‘Into the Thick of It’ thoroughly blew my mind, leading me to pick up a SNES cartridge. EXCALIBUR presents an OST-orderly walk down memory lane, resulting in extra takes on recurring tracks through gameplay. This was deliberate, as well as to include more artists during the COVID lockdown. By the time Scarlet Moon brought me aboard its artist roster (which of course includes the game’s esteemed composer himself), there was no question for who should distribute this album. Please enjoy!”

Scarlet Moon is a music label supporting creators big and small. They are an artist roster of acclaimed musical talents from around the world, a record label publishing soundtracks and arrangement albums from fan-favorite videogames, and a public relations partner promoting game music and indie games.

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