Fit My Cat curls up on Switch today

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16 February 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

This will be the most purrfect challenge of the year! And the year has just begun. Specializing in games for the Nintendo Switch, developer and publisher RedDeer.Games will put into the hands of players a cat-filled (literally) new adorable 2D puzzle game, available today!

Have you ever heard the statement that cats are actually liquid, because they can fill any form they enter? Well, SPOILER ALERT – it’s true.

However, in Fit My Cat, the new ultra-charming puzzle game from RedDeer.Games, it will be up to players to maneuver the adorable kittens and arrange them to fit perfectly in the designated space.

Oh, and the game is now available to add to your eShop wishlist!

Arranging, rotating, and matching – there will be many cute kittens to accommodate in the box. They are numerous, each of different shapes and sizes, and all to fit in the designated space sometimes limited by obstacles such as cat toys.

Will it be possible to, “pack” them all?

Players will strain their minds while solving some 90 puzzles, test their logistack skills (a combination of logic and stacking) and all the fun will be embellished by an energetic soundtrack.

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