Back in December of last year, we heard rumblings of an amiibo restock set for retailers in North America. At that time, we learned that Joker, Terry, and Banjo & Kazooie would be seeing a new round of stock hitting store shelves. Turns out that was true, but it wasn’t the whole story.

It’s very much true that a fresh round of Joker, Terry, and Banjo & Kazooie amiibo can be found at various retailers, but even more amiibo than we thought are up for grabs as well. Nintendo has dropped another run of amiibo via the Nintendo Online Store, and it includes the likes of Pikmin, Snake, Villager, Sephiroth, Falco, Mega Man, Fox, and others.

It’s definitely not a coincidence that Nintendo is flooding the market with new amiibo stock on the same day that the Sora amiibo has launched. As far as we know, Sora’s arrival has marked the end of Nintendo’s amiibo plans, as they haven’t announced any other characters on the way. That could obviously change at any moment, but right now’s the perfect time to snag some of the amiibo you missed.

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