Hex Gambit: Respawned, the quirky and competitive digital tabletop game from developer One Man Left Studios and publisher Blowfish Studios, summons minions and strategic mayhem on Switch Wednesday, March 6, 2024. You can check out a new gameplay trailer for the title above.

Conquer battlefields alone or with up to three other strategists, taking down a nefarious Mastermind and his army of malicious minions. Engage in the ultimate game of wits combining the depth and complexity of turn-based strategy with the fun interactivity of tabletop gaming. Each pawn offers special abilities, allowing for a plethora of turn options to counter even the most well-planned attacks.

Tactical veterans and fresh-faced novices alike can come together with easy-to-learn, yet complex-to-master matches. Utilize handy modifiable player settings to give newcomers an edge and seasoned pros a good challenge. Play by the book or spice it up with a creative array of wacky house rules with near limitless possibilities. Perfect board skills with adjustable AI opponents ranging from beginner to grandmaster difficulty levels.

Dominate in both single and multiplayer experiences through several different modes, and experiment with 10 distinct Captains across seven map themes with 21 different layouts. Enter aggro mode and knock characters clear across the map, wield a cartoonishly large speaker, and blast opponents into a music-induced stupor. Throw down in friendly or hyper competitive 2v2 battles with buddies using Steam Remote Play support.


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