The Switch has been an absolute juggernaut for Nintendo in so many ways. It’s sold over 107 million units in roughly 5 years, and the system shows no signs of slowing down. It’s also the platform that gave The Legend of Zelda series its best-selling entry of all-time, and now it’s also bestowed that same honor on Samus.

Back in February of 2022, Nintendo confirmed that Metroid Dread had sold 2.74 million units, which made it dangerously close to the best-selling Metroid game ever. Now, thanks to Nintendo’s Fiscal Year 2022 report, we know that Metroid Dread is sitting pretty at 2.9 million units sold worldwide. To put things in perspective, that means from the beginning of February to the end of March (as that’s when Nintendo’s FY ended), Metroid Dread sold another 160k units.

The previous best-selling entry in the franchise was Metroid Prime, which released on the GameCube back in 2002 and hit 2.84 million sold. It took Samus 20 long years to reach these new heights, but it was a journey well worth taking.

There’s no doubt Metroid Dread will continue to climb even higher, and we definitely think the game deserves it!

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2y ago

It’ll hopefully cross the 3 million mark. Fantastic game. Great work MercurySteam


2y ago

That's terrific news. It's well deserved, it should be far higher in my opinion.


2y ago


To tell you the truth, it most likely did already. This 2.9 figure is from March 31st, 2022. With the game moving 160k units between February and March, I have no doubt from April to almost mid-May, it could have done another 100k. If it didn't hit that figure already, it seems all but assured by the end of May!

My assumption is that it's still below 3 million, but that's assuming the rate of sales decline is consistent with Q1. Q1 is usually slower overall, so it may not be.


2y ago

This means it's likely already passed the 3 million mark!


2y ago

For me its the best switch game and the second best metroid game after prime, its even better than super metroid, i have finished this game 3 times already, in normal, hard, and now in dread mode. It deserves A LOT more sales, also im sad it doesnt sold 3 million already so rgt85 had to play balan wonderland


2y ago

I'm certainly happy to be a cheerleader for Metroid Dread. Short as it was, it was a terrific 2D Metroid experience and I want more.


2y ago

Yeeeeeeessssssssss. So glad this happened, to show Nintendo that the series can do so well still. Especially in 2D (though I wish the game had 2D graphics).