Nintendo has announced that Endless Ocean: Luminous will arrive on Switch May 2, 2024. Pre-orders are beginning today. This brand new entry in the Endless Ocean series will feature online multiplayer for up to 30 players.

Plunge into a vast, underwater world that changes with each expedition in this new Endless Ocean game from Nintendo. Explore the depths of the mysterious Veiled Sea on your own, or dive in with up to 30 players online.* There are over 500 different species of marine life to encounter here – you may even find creatures thought to be extinct or even mythical. Where will your undersea journey take you? Endless Ocean Luminous surfaces on Nintendo Switch May 2.

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5M ago

So many incredible memories with the first one on the Wii - can't wait to try it with my buddies online!


5M ago

I hope the online part of it is not the main part of the game, if there is no single player story mode this is a monkey paw situation for me.