WORLD OF HORROR is definitely one of the more unique and interesting horror adventure titles available on Switch, and there’s no doubt it has its fans. If you happen to count yourself among the fanbase, you’ll be happy to know that Fangamer has just added some new, official merch for the title to their collection.


Fangamer has just released a new WORLD OF HORROR t-shirt and poster via their online shop, and you can place your orders right now. The t-shirt is priced at $36 while the post comes in at $24. You can get a closer look at each item here.

In WORLD OF HORROR, brave what lies underneath the thin veil of serenity over the seaside town of Shiokawa. As madness silently infects every unsuspecting resident, solve grisly mysteries to uncover its true source before it’s too late. Scour every shadowy corner for valuable artifacts and perform cabalistic rituals to delay the inevitable. The Old Gods are watching.

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