Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown dev announces free updates coming soon

Still some sand left in this hourglass

22 February 2024
by quence 2

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown was released last month on Switch to great critical acclaim. The game’s director, Mounir Radi, took to Twitter today to thank fans for their support, and also to tease some new content.

According to Radi, the team is “far from done” with the game, and they have “cool plans for the coming months”. These plans include free updates in the works for The Lost Crown. Radi doesn’t go into specifics, but he does mention that the free updates will add more content, including “modes for you to challenge, explore, and enjoy”. The first free update is said to be “coming soon”, but an exact date wasn’t given.

Radi also recommends trying to beat the game in harder modes to prepare for what’s to come. It sounds like there will be some new, more advanced challenges on the way as part of these updates. Watch the full announcement video below.

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Beat the game on harder difficulties? I dunno about that...


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Bruh get back on the discord