Nintendo is doing a bit of website housekeeping in the new year, as they’ve announced a change for their official domain in Japan.

Announced via social media, Nintendo will be revamping the domain that takes you to their official Japanese website. As things stand now, Nintendo fans in Japan could see what Nintendo was up to by going to That’s all coming to an end tomorrow, Feb. 26th, as Nintendo is switching up the address.

Anyone looking to visit Nintendo’s Japanese site going forward will have to use the address, although the previous address will redirect for some time after the switch. This will put Nintendo’s Japanese site in line with how their other websites work in places like North America.

According to Nintendo, they are making this domain change due to “server environment improvements.”

UPDATE: Nintendo has announced a similar update for multiple domains in Europe. This change takes effect on April 9th, 2024, with the following domains being the new homes for Nintendo’s various European websites:

  • United Kingdom:
  • France:
  • Germany:
  • Italy:
  • Spain:
  • Netherlands (Dutch):
  • Portugal:
  • Switzerland (German):
  • Switzerland (Italian):
  • Switzerland (French):
  • Austria:
  • Belgium (Dutch):
  • Belgium (French):

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5M ago

Nintendo may as well consolidate websites to save money. Though there is something sad about giving up a domain that's been in use since 1996/1997.

Internet Archive of NCL's domain:*/