Fantasy meets reality as a battle between magic and order unfolds in REYNATIS, an all-new dark action RPG coming Fall 2024 to Nintendo Switch. You can see the debut English trailer for REYNATIS above.

Seeking freedom through strength, the wizard Marin heads to Shibuya, where he meets Sari, an officer of the MEA, an organization dedicated to keeping wizards under control. Conceal your magic to explore the city as a regular civilian and shop or take on quests, or use your explosive powers to reach new locations and battle those who stand in your way. Fight for what you believe in in this stylish, spellbinding RPG from director TAKUMI and featuring music by Yoko Shimomura!

Suppression and Liberation – Switch between “Suppression Mode” and “Liberation Mode” in real-time to perform flashy actions.

Exploration – Explore in “Suppression Mode” while concealing your identity. If the fact that you are a magician is revealed, the M.E.A. will immediately rush to the scene.


A deluxe physical edition of REYNATIS has also been revealed, although it’s not available for pre-order yet. As you can see, the deluxe version of this game includes the game, a digital soundtrack and a mini art book.

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5M ago

Looks intriguing but also like a mix of games I have played/seen elsewhere. Maybe I'm just too old and have seen it all already.