For decades now, Chrono Trigger fans have been calling for Square Enix to release a remake or remaster. There have been re-releases here and there with some elements touched up, but those outings have been far from what fans want. While Square Enix is yet to commit to any sort of remake or remaster, we’re now getting our first tiny sliver of hope that one could happen.

Square Enix’s Yoshinori Kitase, the director of Chrono Trigger, recently appeared on the My Perfect Console podcast to chat mostly about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, but a few other questions snuck in as well. Oddly enough, if was Kitase himself who brought up the topic of Chrono Trigger, and it seems thoughts of a remake have been flying around his head.

Kitase asked podcast host Simon Parkin for his thoughts on how Square Enix should tackle a Chrono Trigger remake should the opportunity arise. Kitase said they could do a straight port, a graphical remaster or a remake on a grand scale like Final Fantasy VII. Parkin said he’d personally like to see something along the lines of what Nintendo did with The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on Switch, and Kitase responded by thanking Parkin for his comments.

Again, this doesn’t mean that a Chrono Trigger remake is in the works, but it’s nice to know that Square Enix is at least paying attention to fan requests.

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the schaef

"Square Enix wants to know how fans would like Chrono Trigger to be remade"



5M ago

1. Straight port (cheap, easy, necessary regardless)
2. Grand scale remake
3. Graphical remaster

Not too enthusiastic about aesthetic-focused remakes after getting so many over this generation. Let old games show their age so the artistry can be appreciated as it was. It’s fine, the 4K120fps people can cope.


5M ago

The same way I want you to remake FF6: HD-2D, orchestrated music and perhaps spme extra content!

the schaef

5M ago

"Square Enix wants to know how fans would like Chrono Trigger to be remade"



5M ago

I thought a lot about this one and realized I'm not even sure how I would like it to be made, much less how Chrono Trigger fans in general would like it.

I'm starting to lean toward "Don't remake it". Then we don't have to worry about whether or not it's accurate, what changes they've made for a modern audience, or whether they should be adding new elements to it...

Chrono Trigger is a really good game. If I want to enjoy it again, I'll just go back and play the original, or a fully faithful port like the one on DS. I think I'd prefer Square Enix to put their talent and resources into a new game that makes us feel the way we did when we originally played Chrono Trigger. Make a game with the same amount of love and attention to detail. Make a NEW benchmark in RPG history.

I'm tired of remakes and reboots. I want to play great new games that hopefully people will be asking for a remake of 30 years from now.


5M ago

I'd love a 3D remake personally. Dragon Quest XI made Toriyama's style look gorgeous!


5M ago

HD-2D. That's how I want it.


5M ago

The last time Chrono Trigger was remade it was for the Nintendo DS. I don't really want to see another remake unless there was more cut content that could be added back in like how the DS version had some SNES cut content added back in. But there's also a possibility if Square revisits Chrono Trigger, they'll have to censor more stuff that wasn't censored before. I don't want to see that.

Oh, that would be nice, Dragon Quest XI was really good and they could have the option to play the game as the original 2d game on the same way Dragon Quest XI did. So you can change back and forth between the original and the new 3d looks

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5M ago

At first I thought the hd2d would be the way to go but I think something more like what they did with Star Ocean 2 recently would work best, it's kind of like hd2d but with 3d backgrounds with a similar look to prerendered.


5M ago

Make it pretty only!


5M ago

Remake on the level of FF7R, or at least like the latest Dragon Quest games.
Add more content, expand story, and characters.

If it was just HD-2D, as much as CT is legendary game, I would be dissapointed, I don't wanna play almost exactly the same game that already exists.


5M ago

I think aesthetically, sea of stars did a fantastic job of recapturing the magic of the era. If you were to do a graphical update i think that's a beautiful way to do it. Maybe add some more post game content, more places to visit, some more Irondale side quests, and maybe an OPTIONAL music remaster. Optional is big here because people like me LOVE the original ost. Do NOT change the story at all


5M ago

Remake Chrono Trigger visually like Dragon Quest XI (3D/2D). Or like Sand Land By Bandai Namco that Akira Toriyama worked on also. The battle system this time i think would be great like FF7 Remake: "real-time battle system with strategic elements". If there could be 2 styles of play to choose before you start your new game that would be great also!

These Options to start your game:

- Classic mode (Turn based combat)


- Modern modern (real-time battle)


5M ago

1. Scrap everything after the SNES release - Dimensional Vortex, Chrono Cross, the whole bit.
2. FF7 Remake style for each main area with an overworld fun to fly Epoch in. Even reusing the old overworld mechanics wouldn't be terrible, but I'm sure we could do better.
3. Bring back the Dream Team and look at incremental changes to each character arc, similar to the FF7 remake. Jessie got a solid upgrade there, and I've got to think we could do something similar for Schala. Maybe even make an additional optional quest for Magus to resolve her arc rather than whatever they picked up in Cross. Could also write more for Lucca. She's such a great character.


5M ago

For this I'd like them to collaborate with Nintendo and bring the original game out in a dedicated Nintendo Game & Watch system with colored buttons and a nice screen and the possibility to use a headphone. Do a dark and light version and make it possible to connect and swap the game for another SNES Game & Watch title of choice. But only when you completed the whole game, and then the same goes for your next game ^-^

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5M ago

Dragon Quest 11 style of Graphics and 99% True Faithful to the Original. 1% Fix any bugs or add things to make it a masterful definitive version that again is faithful to the original. I would honestly wouldn't mind a remake if they give the attention to detail to the "Characters, the world and combat like they did in FF7 Remake" Just not everything else they did hahaha Keep the story the same maybe and a very big maybe fill out some details or give more on things left unexplained like Scala potentially being the person who was weaving the events to occur and such things like that. Make that a 100% completion ending.
There are many things they can do but for sure 1# above all else is to be as faithful and true to the spirit and feeling of the original as possible!


5M ago

I think one of two approaches would work for a Chrono Trigger remake. Either go the Pixel Master route as was done with the Pixel remasters of Final Fantasy 1-6, or go for the HD2D style that we see in games like Live-A-Live and Octopath. I would also like to say that should be a remaster of the original, meaning NOT the DS version with the added content. The issue with the added content is that it just doesn't feel like it even belongs in the game. Chrono Cross wasn't a sequel to the series, it was more of a what if kind of story that was meant to echo Radical Dreamers.

I'm not opposed to the idea of Chrono Trigger getting the Final Fantasy 7 remake treatment... but I have no clue how you would even approach that. We're talking about an rpg here that is described as lightning in a bottle. The effort that would be needed to make it into such a radical remake may very well make or break the company for the next 20 years lol. At least that's how I feel about it. It already took a crazy amount of effort for the original to even exist, and it almost didn't.

Either way, whatever you guys decide to do I wish ya'll the best. I love Chrono Trigger.