Former Retro Studios devs discuss Mark Haigh-Hutchinson's Metroid Prime camera work

There are always more impressive details about Metroid Prime

10 May 2022
by quence 2

In this compilation video from YouTube channel KIWI TALKZ, four different developers who worked on Retro Studios’ Metroid Prime series discuss the late Mark Haigh-Hutchinson’s contributions to the games. In the clips, much praise is given to Mark for his work on Metroid Prime’s camera system. In particular, they laud the innovations made in accurately following the character on screen, whether in first-person or morph ball mode.

Watch the video above to hear their full thoughts, and gain some new insight into just how impressive Metroid Prime’s camera is. You can also take an even deeper dive into the world of video game cameras by checking out Mark Haigh-Hutchinson’s book, Real Time Cameras: A Guide for Game Designers and Developers.

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2y ago

God I love listening to stuff like this. Makes me miss Iwata Asks.

This is also why I think games getting remasters or remakes must be carefully considered, the work put into a project can never be fully replicated. It's not just the writing and art that needs to be transferred/ respected, it's also the programming and design that's so easily overlooked these days.


2y ago

Im playing prime again for the 10th time, my favorite game ever along oot. Gonna whatch tha asap