We commonly think of the Earth taking a year (365 days) to orbit the sun. But did you know the Earth actually takes approximately 365 days and six hours (1/4 of a day)? So, to make sure our calendar year matches the solar year (meaning our seasons stay consistent), we add one day every four years. You may know it as Feb. 29. But this extra day pushes March 1 to leap ahead. So, instead of March 1 being on a Thursday, it’s now on a Friday. Pretty neat, huh?

To celebrate 2024 being a leap year, Nintendo has decided to gather a list of platforming games that may have you jumping for joy! As usual, they’ve included a few of their own games alongside other third party offerings. Rest assured, everything they’ve featured in this rundown is top-notch, so you can’t go wrong with any of the choices.

If you’d like to see what 2D platformers Nintendo thinks you should spend some time with, you can find their feature here.

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