In case you didn’t know, today, February 29th, 2024, is leap day. Since Earth takes approximately 365 days and six hours (1/4 of a day) to orbit the sun, we add one day every four years to even things out. That day happens to be today, and apparently Theatrhythm Final Bar Line can’t handle it.

Those who decided to hop into Theatrhythm Final Bar Line for some fun today have found that the game is completely broken. Simply put, the game won’t load at all. While some were wondering what was causing the issue, it’s since been discovered that leap day is to blame, as the game can’t understand why February has an extra day this year. (h/t VGC)

It seems Square Enix isn’t going to do anything about the issue, as it’s going to work itself out in a matter of hours. Once the clock rolls past midnight and we hit March 1st, 2024, the game will go back to working properly. If you absolutely need your Theatrhythm Final Bar Line fix, you can also change the date on your Switch to any other day/time outside of Feb. 29th and you’ll be set.

UPDATE: Square Enix has now released a patch that fixes this issue going forward.


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5M ago

The 3 hardest things in software engineering: cache invalidation, off by one errors, naming things, working with dates and times.

I understood this and appreciate it very much.