Speed Crew has been updated to Ver. 1.2.0. You can find the patch notes for this update below.

What’s new?

Cross-platform is now available!

In our latest update, we are thrilled to announce the support for Cross-Play functionality, a feature long anticipated by our community. It allows players across different platforms to join forces together, or compete, in high-octane pit stop challenges, fostering a more unified and expansive friendship anytime, anywhere! Have fun, Crew ;)

Added simplified Chinese localization


  • The ‘Load Game’ screen in the French localization will now display a missing progress percentage.
  • No more waiting. The eternal loading when the client loses connection during level loading has now been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue where the plunger might get stuck on the conveyor belt.
  • Fixed an issue causing network client controls to freeze after interactions on moving platforms, notably in Chapter 2, Level 9, as frequently reported.
  • Fixed the issue where the engine might get stuck between the car and the fence while being carried by the player in Chapter 2, Level 4.
  • Fixed the extended game closure time after long online play sessions.
  • Fixed the missing ‘release button’ ground hole at the upper pit stop in Chapter 4, Level 2.
  • Fixed the looped animation that happens when the host and a player, who are carrying the engine, get hit by a car on the race track.
  • The ‘Split Keyboard’ button will now be hidden when the ‘Join Game’ pop-up is open, as it should.
  • Fixed the rope length on movable gas stations from 20m to 10m. No more manipulating ropes across half the map and race track to fuel your cars. That was not fun.

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