Nintendo has been wheeling out the Mario-related announcements in honor of Mario Day, but they haven’t forgotten about the superstar’s bigtime brother! Mario is nice enough to let Luigi take a bit of the spotlight on Mario day, and now we know when the great green guy is making his return.

Nintendo has confirmed that the Switch remake of 3DS title Luigi’s Mansion 2 (Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon here in the states) is going to launch on June 27th, 2024. While some might think Luigi’s spooky adventure would be better suited to Halloween time, Nintendo feels like scaring up some fun at the kickoff of Summer.

In Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD, progress through diverse missions to retrieve the missing shards of the Dark Moon scattered across several distinct haunted mansions, each with their own puzzles to solve and ghosts to capture. Go for a high rating by using your superpowered ghost-hunting tool, the Poltergust 5000, to suck up ghosts (and window curtains) and blow air to search every nook and cranny of the chilling-yet-charming mansions.

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4M ago

This is quite a late release on the calendar. Is this officially Nintendo’s last appearing first-party Switch release of 2024 (that we know of so far)?


4M ago


It's definitely later than I thought. Does make you wonder what else is coming.