Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is already available on the Switch digitally, but the original Monster Hunter Stories is on its way as well. That title is set for launch on June 14th, 2024, giving Switch owners the chance to enjoy the 3DS original with some enhancements and tweaks. What if you want an easy way to snag both titles? Capcom has a solution for that…sort of.

Capcom is bringing the Monster Hunter Stories Collection to retail, which is priced at $60 and includes both Monster Hunter Stories and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. That seems like a dream come true for those who like to collect physical copies of games, but unfortunately, there’s a bit of the catch.

If you pick up the Monster Hunter Stories Collection, you’ll get just one of the games on the game card while the other remains a download. The game card itself will pack in Monster Hunter Stories, but to play Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, you’ll have to download the game. If that’s not a deal-breaker for you, you can lock in a pre-order through GameStop.

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