GigaBash has been updated to Ver. 1.35. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Onslaught Mode: Mutants

Enjoy this whole new experience in Onslaught Mode. Pick up powerful Mutations such as Explosive Punch, Chain Lightning, and more to empower your battle against 30 waves of enemies.

Beware, enemies are also more dangerous here, especially the Mutants! These new sub-species of Titans possess permanent mutations such as Frost Aura, Energy-Draining Fields, and more. You asked, we deliver! You’ll finally go against Godzilla and his menacing friends (jk, they hate each other). Can you live up to the challenge?

2 New Maps

As seen in Story Mode, OtomaTEC HQ and Yeti Sanctuary are now playable maps in Battle Mode. But this isn’t just some lazy recycling of content, each map features a unique map mechanic that you’ve never seen before.


Get a taste of OtomaTEC’s latest research into Titan genetics. Pick up powerful mutations to augment your attacks and become absolutely overpowered.

Yeti Sanctuary

Visit Woolley’s home atop the Himalaya Mountains and juice yourself up with unhealthy amounts of Giga Energy.


Brace yourselves, our favorite veteran hero is throwing his hat into the ultimate power showdown. That’s right, Gigaman can now Beam Clash with all the DLC characters! Giga…. BEAM!!!

UI Updates

  • Added Animated Emojis
  • Improved Leaderboard for Onslaught Modes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Beams now showing in Final Victory Screen.
  • Fixed crash if Always SClass is turned on in Research Lab.
  • Fixed crash if Hazard is turned off in Research Lab.
  • Fixed crash if Menu Settings save file unable to load properly.
  • Fixed crash when replay not saving match data in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed a crash when CPU Skorak’s shell gets inhaled by Woolley.
  • Fixed friend invitations in PS4 and PS5.
  • Fixed Xbox Controller pairing bug. Will now prompt user to login if new controller detected.
  • Fixed not able host matches in certain scenarios on Xbox.
  • Fixed crossplay bug, able to join matches from other platforms in certain situations.
  • Fixed a crash in Mayhem Mode, Titans should now always be spawning properly.
  • Fixed Mechajuras Grapple ability not deactivating SuperArmor abilities.
  • Fixed Ultraman Tiga grab special, if victim within Bubble loses one life stock, they no longer get teleported to the center of map.
  • Fixed Alien Baltan air grabs not awarding score points in Arcade Mode.
  • Improved overall joining match flow.
  • Improved crossplay stability.
  • Fixed Titan reverting to normal class when hit by Giga Energy-absorbing abilities when ‘Always S-Class’ is turned on.


  • Onslaught Mode: Balancing tweaks for Classic Onslaught
  • Onslaught Mode: Camera view will not be intercepted when a new SClass enemy spawns if there is an existing enemy.
  • Character Movement System: Added minimum move speed cap of 30% (Movement slows will not go lower than this)

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