Ankama, the publisher behind Wakfu and Dofus MMOs, is proud to announce with video game developer Blue Banshee, the upcoming release of the RPG adventure video game Maliki: Poison of the Past on Switch. Inspired by the comic book of the same name, Maliki: Poison of the Past is a single player adventure RPG with a focus on turn-based combat and exploration, available for pre-order today on the independent platform

Maliki: Poison of the Past is the culmination of 20 years of existence of the Maliki comic book, with its 8 volumes selling over 300,000 copies worldwide. The game is developed by the studio Blue Banshee, co-created by Souillon, the author and creator of Maliki, who adds:

Players are invited to join Maliki and her eccentric family in their epic battle against Poison, a formidable plant creature that has colonized space-time. They will embark on a fantastic odyssey through the ages, offering a unique blend of exploration, temporal puzzles, and turn-based combat full of surprises. The game will be fully localized in English.

Key features:

▫ A quirky and engaging narrative - In a world where a defeated humanity clashes with invasive and vengeful natural forces, a small group of colorful adventurers attempts to restore balance to the world and save their home. But who is Poison? What is Maliki hiding? Can we pet the cats?

▫ Battles of a new kind - Utilize a unique mechanic in turn-based combat: temporal manipulation! Alter the course of time to create powerful combos between allies, shift your opponents into the past, and chain your attacks by sliding them into the future!

▫ A refuge outside of time and chaos - Between temporal explorations, the Domain is the ideal place to recharge your batteries. Develop your haven of peace: plant, harvest, cook, tinker, and nurture the Thousand Roots Tree that holds back time!

▫ A unique graphic style - Bringing together the talents of renowned comic book artists and seasoned game creators, Maliki: Poison of the Past offers dynamic and vibrant graphics embracing the fusion of French visual culture and Japanese chibi.

▫ 20 years of fabulous stories - A nostalgic journey for many readers, the Maliki comic book makes its first foray into the world of video games and offers a new entry point to easily discover its universe.


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