What do Princess Peach, Samus Aran, Cereza, and Ashley Mizuki Robins have in common? These women and girls are playing with power—and they’re all playable characters in their own games on Switch.

Nintendo is using the arrival of Princess Peach: Showtime! to shine a light on other Switch titles that feature a woman in the leading role. Instead of featuring first and third parties as usual, Nintendo goes all first-party this time around with 4 games that the Big N not only published, but worked on development as well.

There’s no doubt you know a thing or two about Princess Peach: Showtime!, Metroid: Other M, Bayonetta Origins and Another Code: Recollection, but have you played all of these games? If not, check out Nintendo’s feature to learn more and see why they might be for you!

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4M ago

Wait! Metroid is a girl!?