The life of a Funko Pop! collector must be an incredibly difficult one. Depending on the dedication to collecting, Pop! fans are probably tracking down new releases every single week! If you’re a Funko Pop! collector, hopefully you’ve focused on picking up releases tied to specific franchises instead of the anything/everything approach.

If you are a Funko Pop! collector and you specialize in Pokémon, you’ll be happy to know that three more options are now available to pre-order. In the next wave of Pokémon Funko Pop! releases, fans now have Chimchar, Greninja, and Snubbull to give homes to.

Each of these Funko Pop! releases is priced at roughly $13 and will ship out June or July 2024 depending on the retailer. If you’d like to lock in your pre-orders today, you can do so through multiple retailers, including Amazon.

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