On April 3rd of last year, solo developer CarloC Games released Full Metal Sergeant, a management game that has steadily gained positive recognition. The game achieved a commendable 93% positive review rating on the Steam platform. Now it’s ready to release on Switch May 2nd, 2024.

Full Metal Sergeant offers players a straightforward yet engaging management experience. It tackles players with the challenge of turning a platoon of recruits into capable combatants within a 12-week timeframe. The game has been appreciated for the simple, yet effective pixel art, challenges without overwhelming players with unnecessary complexity.

Manage your military boot camp

9 different areas, 21 training programs and up to 12 troops. Increase the prestige of your camp to unlock new equipment and advanced training. Create the right combination to make your military camp the best in the country.

New recruits, new challenges

Every 12 weeks you will have new recruits to turn into elite soldiers. Each soldier has unique characteristics, positive and negative traits. Will you be able to bring out the best in each of them?

From troops to skilled warriors.

A self-respecting platoon must be able to cope with any situation. Train your soldiers and turn them into snipers, divers, paratroopers, anti-tank units. Create the perfect platoon.

Accessible Management

The game provides an accessible management experience, making it suitable for players of varying skill levels.

Progressive Gameplay

Gain prestige and unlock new training, cadences, passive skills to make the most awarded military boot camp.


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