SEGA and LEGO have been working on a number of Sonic the Hedgehog projects over the last year, including a bunch of product releases featuring the Blue Blur along with his friends and enemies. Now the duo is spreading the word on their latest offerings with a special promo video.

As LEGO Sonic and designer Fred prepare for the show, things begin to go awry. Is Sonic fast enough to enlist the help of Shadow, Knuckles, and Rouge in time? Buckle up for some crazy brick adventures with the gang!

If you’d like to add both Knuckles sand Rouge to your LEGO collection, you can snag them both right now as part of the Knuckles’ Guardian Mech LEGO set. If you’re looking to pick up Shadow the Hedgehog, you can get his LEGO minifig as part of the Shadow the Hedgehog Escape set.

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