While millions upon millions of Splatoon fans have moved on to the sequel and threequel since the original game hit Wii U back in May 2015, there are still dedicated Splatoon 1 fans who are out there mixing it up online. Sadly, their time is about to come to a close very soon.

The Wii U’s online features are about to be sunset on April 8th, 2024, which means the final rounds of online action in the original Splatoon will take place this week. With that comes the last rotation in stage maps, and we now know how Nintendo will be winding things down.

When it comes Turf War, Bluefin Depot and Moray Towers will be the last two maps rotated in. As for Ranked Battles, it’ll be a Rainmaker showdown in both Walleye Warehouse and Kelp Dome.

You’ve still got a few days left to enjoy some classic Splatoon action, so it’s not too late to dust of the Wii U and have another go at things. Get that GamePad charged up and ink some turf with the Wii U diehards before all of it comes to an end.

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4M ago

The Splatoon game with the best maps of all.

I really don't know what happened, but both 2's and 3's maps pale in comparison.