VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action is a visual novel set in the world of Cyberpunk. It was released on Switch in 2019, and now fans of the title have a new way to experience the game’s characters and atmosphere.

Publisher R. Talsorian Games has released a free supplement for the Cyberpunk RED tabletop roleplaying game, based on VA-11 Hall-A, called “Mixing Drinks-Changing Lives”. This “DLC” comes in the form of a 20 page PDF file which is fully compatible with the RPG (or just to read for fun). The file includes descriptions and stats for multiple playable characters from the digital game, as well as info that allows players to implement the bar, its drinks, and its stories, into their very own tabletop campaign.

Click here to download the free PDF and incorporate it into your Cyberpunk RED game now! Or, you can always check out the original game on the Nintendo eShop.

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